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About ZipBizz

It started with a simple thought.

That there has to be an easy and intuitive way to streamline HR processes for small-to-medium enterprises that have totally unique needs and priorities. A simple, easy to use, highly customizable cloud based software created for a different set of needs – the needs of small business owners. One thought lead to another and it grew into an idea that we call ZipBizz

To put it plainly, we help emerging and midsized organizations across industries manage their most valuable and expensive strategic asset — their workforce. We offer solutions that will assist them to control employee costs, minimize compliance risk and improve workforce productivity. Our easy-to-own people management solutions make automation and high-quality information on your finger tips an absolute reality.

The ZipBizz platform was designed for businesses that have entrusted HR with attracting, engaging and developing talent to foster a high performance culture. We take the complexities involved with talent acquisition, management, performance assessment, payroll and employee engagement and simplify them on the cloud.

In today’s evolving workplace you need a good marriage between efficient, multi-faceted tools coupled with a new, tech-savvy social approach. Our development team uses an evidence-based approach to continuous improvement.  It means that many of our features are developed in direct response to customer needs, pain points and preferences.

And yes, we’d love to work with you.

We are committed to:

Simplify and automate necessary HR processes

Professionalize the HR function regardless of its Size

Offer a repository of Best Practices

Make HR less about the numbers and more about the people.

The ZipBizz Team

The ZipBizz leadership team comprises of experienced HR professionals having collectively more than 60 years of HR experience across startups, small & medium enterprises, multinational corporations and Indian companies. Having worked across industry sectors, they are sensitive to different people practices.

They have been researchers and practitioners in their field and their cumulative knowledge has helped create and shape the platform. Their areas of expertise lie in working through the employee life cycle from talent acquisition, talent management, talent development to leadership. As Human Resource professionals their keen sense of human behaviors has lead them to build a platform that intuitive in its application, promoting an eco system and a community aligning with workplaces that are diverse and multi generational.

The product development leadership team has technologists from India and a global portfolio of products, with multiple products that have been released outside India that are mature as a solution today.